Cabo Café is a ₹₹Restaurant located in 5110, Sal Rel. Address of Cabo Café is Rua Do Emigrante, 5110, Sal Rel, Cape Verde. Cabo Café can be contacted at +238 599 25 24. Cabo Café has quite many listed places around it and we are covering at least 83 places around it on Cabo Café is rated 4.5 (out of 5 stars) by 127 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around Cabo Café are -

Primary School (School) Sal Rei, Cape Verde (approx. 243 meters)
Escola de Formacäo de Pescadores (School) Unnamed Road, Rel,, Cape Verde (approx. 398 meters)
SolaCyber (Tour operator) Rua 1° de Maio, Sal-Rei 5111, Cape Verde (approx. 238 meters)
BKA (Surf school) Largo s.isabel, Sal Rel, Cape Verde (approx. 188 meters)
Pensão Santa Isabel Rua 4 de Julho,, Sal Rel, Cape Verde (approx. 327 meters)
NH21 INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE BOAVISTA (Real estate agency) Sal Rei, Cape Verde (approx. 330 meters)
Câmara Municipal da Boa Vista (Interior architect office) Rua 4 de Julho Largo Santa Isabel,, Sal Rel, Cape Verde (approx. 258 meters)
Calutours Boavista (Tour agency) Unnamed Road, Sal Rel, Cape Verde (approx. 176 meters)
Nos Kasa Zona Padre Varela, Sal Rel, Cape Verde (approx. 316 meters)
Hotel Dunas Av Amilcar Cabral, Sal Rel, Cape Verde (approx. 314 meters)

Within less than half a Kilo meter of Cabo Café, you can also find La Perla, Sabura Center, Casa Tud Dret, Local Vista Tours, BIOS.CV, BCN Bank, MarAlliance, Papelaria Boa Vista, TESOURO DO MAR Artesanato souvenir, Souvenir Boa Vista, Moses souvenir No stress, Bens Loja Chinês, Boutique Nadia, Loja Electronica Benjamin, Galeria Cultural, Ká Neida, Loja Tchutche, Voimatu Piercing, Opticalia Cabo Verde, Padaria Santos and many more.




Rua Do Emigrante, 5110, Sal Rel, Cape Verde



What is the contact Number of Cabo Café?

Contact number of Cabo Café is +238 599 25 24.

What is rating of Cabo Café?

Rating of Cabo Café is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of Cabo Café?

Address of Cabo Café is Rua Do Emigrante, 5110, Sal Rel, Cape Verde.

Where is the Cabo Café located?

Cabo Café is located in 5110, Sal Rel.

What is the Cabo Café?

Cabo Café is a ₹₹Restaurant in Cape Verde

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